Research of Interactive Design

Taking the stairs instead of using escalators or the elevator is a simple step (no pun intended) you can take to become more fit. But let’s face it – stairs are a little on the boring side. At least with an elevator you occasionally get music pumped in, albeit usually bad instrumental versions of popular songs. If only there was a way to make taking the stairs at least a little more amusing, maybe more people would use them.

Enter a group of ingenious people in Sweden that took a normal sets of stairs from a Stockholm transit station and modified them to explore “the fun theory” thanks to an initiative from the folks from automaker Volkswagon. Now what was once a dull set of stairs is now an amusing keyboard where each step strikes a piano note.

Will making something fun change a person’s behavior? As shown in the video above, the resulting Piano Stairs seem to demonstrate the “fun theory” rather well as the station’s visitors took to the stairs 66 percent more times in a usual day versus the escalator nearby.


-Jisook Moon


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