Alternative Energy Concepts

Through some research into alternative self sustainable energy resources, i came across a clean green alternative to an information system. The concept is called mPower which is a system that has been developed to generate huge amounts of energy at minimal effort. The slender body of the device and leaf like tip resembles the structure of a large leaf. The color is green to enhance its organic nature. The steppers at the bottom are also shaped like leaves with the similar designs. Using this unique product you can save the natural resources and a large amount of money spent on electricity at the same time.

mPower Generation is a plant-shaped human-powered unit that produces electricity for immediate and future use. Users access their account using fingerprint recognition, stand on two pads at the base of the unit, and shift their weight from one pad to the other every ten seconds. The system, developed to take up the least amount of a user’s time and effort, can be adapted for the handicapped. A small portion of the electricity generated is used to power the interactive touch-screen at the top of the unit, which offers a broad range of informational services pre-customised by each user. The remaining majority of the electricity generated is sent to the city’s main power plant, to be used or stored. At their convenience, users receive payment for the electricity they generated by accessing their account at mPower Collection.

mPower Collection is a unit that, using the same fingerprint recognition technology, distributes payment and allows for account customisation to users of mPower Generation.

The mPower would be a clean green efficient interactive information system that could be set up in almost any area of the CBD. The concept has the potential to save citizens thousands of dollars and helps them to produce there own electricity, I believe that it is a very interesting area that could be investigated further in order to create a more self sustainable environment.


This article grabed my eye because it its pursuing the topic of sustainable energy alternatives. Sweedish researchers have been working on unique wave powered energy that they claim is now ready to go into production.Claiming that compared to solarpower(1000 hours a year) and wind power(2200 hours a year) wave power is available for up to 4000 hours a year based on Sweedens environment.

As we are investigating possible areas for producing self sustainable energy, i think the idea of wave power is greatly relevant with the cook strait right on our back door step.


After investigating further into the ways in which Sweeden is trying to move towards a more sustainable future, i came across some information about the city Malmo, which is located in the south of Sweeden. This particular city has set itself the target of reducing carbon emissions by 25% between 2008 and 2012. By 2030 the city plans to run entirely on renewable energies.

I found this information to be very interesting because basically this city is taking similar steps to our groups approach to creating a more self sustainable, greener environment.

The city is starting to develop sustainable sources of energy which include… sustainable transport, 42% of buses run on biogas created from the cities waste.

Specifically photovoltaic panels are being deployed all over the city.

About 25% of the cities heating energy comes from the cities incinerator which transforms waste into energy.

And 16% of the city’s heating comes from water warmed by the excess heat released from industrial plants in the area.

These are just some of the key points that i have pulled out of the info. I believe a lot of this technology is worth investigating to see if these ideas can firstly be adopted into the city of Wellington and then further investigated and developed so that Welly2040 can potentially run entirely on renewable energies.



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