Conceptualizing Welly2040

Below are a series of images that portray possible solutions to existing issues and problems that the city will face in the years to come. We have thought long and hard about plausible possible alternative purposes for various spaces inside the CBD to move towards a greener, self sustainable economy.

The issues raised in the images are…

-the need to eliminate transport in the CBD and what the existing areas could further be developed into. ie, parking buildings in the CBD.

-possible solutions to improving information systems in the city. energy consumption, resources etc.

-enhancing quality of life, creating interactive systems for citizens, keeping Wellington alive and Vibrant, attractive

In the photos the black and white represents the existing and the color represents a possible replacement or solution for the existing area.

Existing parking buildings- alternative solutions to infrastructure is transport is eliminated from the CBD, Greener areas, areas that could possibly be used to produce crops and other self sustainable resources. Also alternative sources to producing energy ie. solar panels

Possible future information system looking at the idea of the fully interactive information system where uses could navigate around a virtual map through interaction. The idea is that the map could be projected onto central city icons where users could then come and interact with the object in order to find out required info about the city.

Enhancing Wellingtons unique visual aesthetic, keeping the city vibrant and creating a more attractive areas in some of Wellingtons most common hubs. The image above shows a unique aesthetic created on the waterfront through the use of water projections onto the footpath.



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