Electricity from Plants – 2

“Scientists at Stanford University have discovered a way to tap into the natural electricity occurring in plants. Using a specially-designed gold electrode, Stanford scientists have harnessed the excited electron activity in single-cell Algae photosynthesis, resulting in low levels of electricity.

Algae has long been a favored organism for next gen energy production and research. It grows quickly and produces rich fats which can be harvested for biofuels and other non-petroleum production needs. Now, scientists at Stanford University have developed a way of harnessing naturally-occurring electricity which can be found in single cells of algae. During algae photosynthesis, the cell’s electrons become excited. Stanford can harness this energy with a specially-designed gold electrode, producing a small current of electricity. The amount of electricity produced is quite minimal, as it would take a few trillion cells to produce enough electricity to charge a AA battery. The goal of the research, however, was not to develop an energy production system based on algae, but to begin breaking down barriers to efficient plant-based electricity production.

As it stands now, science and industry can harvest the energy from the sun in similar ways that plants photosynthesize. Photovoltaic solar energy transduces the energy of the sun into an electrical current, and this system does the same thing albeit more naturally. While we may not see large tanks of algae being used to produce electricity in the near future, the research will help develop new energy solutions for a very green future.”


Here is someone else interested and taking an initiative on Instructables




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