Enhancing Interaction in the City

Below is a link to a blog that demonstrates a range of interactive installations worldwide that provide a range of ideas that could be investigated further. The idea behind many of the installations is to improve visual aesthetic, but by  including these sorts of interactive systems into Wellington 2040, i believe that citizens will  have their sensory experience greatly enhanced, people will want to move and interact in the CBD physically instead of being fully submersed in a virtual world, which is where i believe that many cities world wide will be moving towards. Our group strongly believes that one of Wellingtons keys aspects is that the CBD is so central and easily accessible by foot. So looking towards the future anyway to enhance the experience of moving throughouthe CBD will be largely beneficial to our research.



These are some more interesting examples of interactive installations that could be adapted to Wellingtons culture and infrastructure



This was an interactive billboard project that heightens a consumers shopping experience through a personalized advert that is based on the colors of users interacting with the bill board.

This type of technology is worth investigating because in Wellington2040 one of the main aspects will be improving the quality of life both physically and virtually for the residents and tourists that will visit the countries capital. One aspect will be personalizing the experience for users who interact with the city.




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