Looking Into the Heart of Wellington

After doing some initial research into Wellington and the aims and views of the Wellington city council, i was able to register a few key ideas and concepts that are clearly being pursued in order to create a greener and more sustainable future.

From looking at the website i was able to establish that Wellington is continuously aiming to enhance and protect the cities environment, including green spaces and also protect the cities distinctive plant, bird and animal life

also… providing more outdoor areas, providing for the cites transport requirements and disposing of waste in a environmentally sustainable way.

Current Actions Taking Place…

-Hundreds hectares of Council land for town belts, gardens, parks and reserves

-Protecting the Coastline

-developing the city green spaces

-promoting sustainable behaviour(public transport)

One issue arose from this research process was the idea of the cities archives being made accessible through fully interactive info systems.

Generalizations realized… the city council needs to look at alternative sources to driving in the central city, needs to improve public transport.

Current Council Projects of Relevance


Developing the northern end of Adelaide Road, it is regarded as a employment and services hub as well as easily accessible to to the hospital, Newtown shops, Basin Reserve, Government House & Massey Uni.

With this area the city council is aiming to create a more attractive and prosperous part of the city.



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