Tidal Energy in NZ

Since starting this project Ive become keenly interested in the prospects of clean sustainable energy powering New Zealand, as my previous posts investigated NZ’s existing Wind farms and Dams I now turn my sites on a project just cleared today.

Crest Energy has, after a 5 year resource consent process, been given approval to begin installing New Zealands first large scale tidal generation system. Crest plans to install around 200 turbines in Northland’s Kaipara Harbour, In a three stage process to ensure there is no damage the the environment or marine life that inhabit the area, if at any stage there appears to be damage the project can be halted.

The turbines Crest are reportedly using are from an Irish company called OpenHyro.

So named because of the large hole in the middle that allows the turbines to run efficiently and without endangering sea life.

This picture shows how massively huge they are. So Big!



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