360 degree camera grid+space experience

This scheme is another development for mapping out a real space to create an on-screen experience of that space, which allows you to walk around without restriction to a certain path. This experiment would require a 360 degree camera, carefully plotted and executed collecting imagery, and probably complicated programming to make it work. I will wait for feedback from the group about this, or try and represent it purely for the sake of demonstrating the idea. How this fits into the philosophy is the aspect of inhabitants of wellington collectively creating the public spaces they live in and share. The reason i tool this approach is because it is as strait-forward and self explanatory as it gets (without creating life scale mock-ups), a language that the average person can understand.

A development for this experiment and street walk  (which would fit in nicely with the work Sam is doing and the work that Jisook is capable of) would be to combine visions of new uses for public space with the existing environment.


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