Here are some examples of bioluminescence being put to practical use. Now is to find out how this can be adapted to suit my concept


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  1. Szilard on


    You guys took off before we could have a chat on thursday, it would be really good to find out where you guys are at. I think that 1st thing that needs doing is the philosophy is a little limited in terms of content, get together as a group and try adding some more content to it such as “green energy” and try and add something that really ties it in with Wellington. It was disappointing that some of you missed yesterdays lecture from the “bio scientist” he had some really inspirational point that really relate to this project. Some things i thought you guys may be able to adopt from the presentation is how technology is always looking to mimic nature and natural occurrences. An example of this would be our bodies ability to “heal” its self, can we capture the beauty of natural rejuvenation, can technology adopt this one day? self healing architecture perhaps…

    But that is just one example of many, one way of looking at this is if nature can do it, one day we can mimic it with technology as there is a science behind nature, its not magic. Thats just somethings I thought you guys may want to look at… Hope you guys find this as I didn’t get an invitation to Blog yet, can someone set me up with as user please, my e-mail is

    Also everyone please make an effort to show up to class as I never see the whole group together and lectures are quite important!

    Lou and Amy you still need to collect your grades off me

    –Szilard O

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