self healing system

After I read  Szilard’s previous post comment,-“our bodies ability to “heal” its self, can we capture the beauty of natural rejuvenation, can technology adopt this one day? self healing architecture perhaps…” – I was thinking about what if we can create colour change architecture? Like human skin, when we do sun tan in summer time, our skin colour changes to orange or browner or darker depend on human race. But winter time without much of sun, we became paler. I was thinking we can make multi different colours(like human race) of  textures which changes colour depend on sun temperature or length. It can be a bridge,  a display structure or even a building! Similar idea I mentioned on previous post, a rainbow bridge, we can use leds and light sensor to make these happen.

Also I found an article about “Self healing technology though sun”

– Predictive Self-Healing

Sun has developed a new architecture for building and deploying systems and services designed forPredictive Self-Healing. Self-healing technology enables Sun systems and services to maximize availability         in the face of software and hardware faults and facilitates a simpler and more effective end-to-end experience for system administrators, which can reduce cost of ownership. The first self-healing features are         available as part of the Solaris 10 OS.

more article go to this link-


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