Fresh Water Project!

After research Wellington and talking to someone who studied Biology, I came out with new idea, it might improve our philosophy. Many Wellingtonies think Cambridge Terrace and Basin Reserve need to change in the future. So here is Fresh Watet project! I was thinking that if we can change whole cambridge street to “water road” and re-design basin reserve to “Innercity Beach”. I heard that there are water come through from the top of wellington city to Harbor which we can make some street(specially Cambridge Terrace) into water road easily. Then if we can grow “Mangroves” by harbor area to cleans water before it into the sea. Mangroves trap and bind sediments, thereby reducing coastal turbidity, and help clean the water. More recently, changes in mangroves have been proposed as a means to monitor change in coastal environments as indicators of global warming, climate change, storm effects, sea level change, pollution and sedimentation rates.


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