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Fun Prediction
Some things are interesting and relevant, like by 2015 being able to make your own tooth brush at home =P and by 2031 computers being “intelligent” as humans


Awesome Kitchen and Hoved-Board

Kept forgetting to post this, but this is some sweet technology thats coming out now

And flying cars may be a no -go, but hover-boards are well on their way


Submission 2 *8.30-12.20 Thursday 14 April 20%

  • Literature reviews and conclusions drawn.
  • Defined stages in the group project transitioning from a historic to future perspective.
  • A list of associated experts and evidence of initial communication.
  • Resolved physical/digital experiments illustrating the specific visual qualities and process required for project completion.
  • Time management charts showing project tasks and completion dates.

We should go over in class tomorrow (Monday) how we’re going to approach this next hand in so we are all clear on what we are doing and get really refined on what we want to achieve.
Has anyone been talking to any “Experts”?
I have only conversed with my parents about when they were here 30 years ago (as well as the differences between Wellington and London then) and the changes then compared to now to help predict how things may go, seems the number one change of Wellington itself oddly is lots of one way systems, but technology is MUCH broader, I have some Aunts and uncles that have been here for the past 50-60 odd years that I’m going to see if I can talk to as well, and one of them works with engineers and what not.
Would anyone be interested in visiting a retirement home for some more background research before charging on into the future?

New blog setup

Hey guys,

Ive updated the blog and catogrised all the posts, please put all new posts under there respective catorgies, you can select as many or as few as you wish.

Amy has also set up a new theme and I will be moving this to the new url tomorrow.

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As a result of our first Presentation, and discussion amongst the group, here is our current Design Scheme for Power points etc, and will up date the blog theme accordingly



I was sick for a week so missed a fair amount but participated in most discussions and did some individual research regarding wellington past and present uses to tie in with the work Sam has been doing. I investigated the location of old pa sites as well as the way in which wellington expanded when it was initially settled by Europeans. this revealed some interesting trends about how spaces around town have been used through out time as well as demonstrating how we have changed our landscape, blocking off or building over many of the natural waterways that originally existed. It also investigated the trends in shore line and how it has retreated due to both natural processes and human reclamation of land for construction.

(Pictures to come)