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energy efficient buildings

In preparation for my experiment this week, ‘envisioning future infrastructure’
Ive been doing some research into an important part of future wellington: Energy efficient buildings.

From my research Ive discovered that there are 5 key aspects to having an energy efficient building or home. These are as follows:

1 – Placement and design,

Position a building in such an orientation that it takes advantage of the natural resource that are around the ares such as morning sun or prevailing winds can make a huge difference to the costs associated with the continued running of the buildings.

2 – Insulation,

This is super important to making a building that doesn’t waist it energy on heating or cooling. As it turns out it is also important to make sure that it is reasonably well sealed so that you dont get air drafts but still main tain good ventilation in rooms like the kitchen or bathroom.

3 – Efficient heating/cooling

It no good having a house that retains heat well is the heat source is wasteful, Its important to have an aircon system that is as optimised as possible so to avoide wasted energy used for heating or cooling.

4 – Decrease energy use

This is an obvious but important factor. By doing simple things like reducing the amount of hot-water that is stored and turning off electronics when not in use the savings can be huge. Also having lighting that isn’t wasteful and only lights areas that are needed rather than large ambient areas.

5 – Local generation

Finally generating some power, no matter how small amount reduces the load on the national grid. Also depending on your energy needs excess power produced during the day can be sold back to the grid for credits to be used at night when your solar panels aren’t active. In this way the grid effectively acts as a battery for the house hold, buying any excess power produced during the day while the family is out and then selling them back power from there other sources at night.


More Here

– Craig

Tidal Energy in NZ

Since starting this project Ive become keenly interested in the prospects of clean sustainable energy powering New Zealand, as my previous posts investigated NZ’s existing Wind farms and Dams I now turn my sites on a project just cleared today.

Crest Energy has, after a 5 year resource consent process, been given approval to begin installing New Zealands first large scale tidal generation system. Crest plans to install around 200 turbines in Northland’s Kaipara Harbour, In a three stage process to ensure there is no damage the the environment or marine life that inhabit the area, if at any stage there appears to be damage the project can be halted.

The turbines Crest are reportedly using are from an Irish company called OpenHyro.

So named because of the large hole in the middle that allows the turbines to run efficiently and without endangering sea life.

This picture shows how massively huge they are. So Big!


experiment the eye

We enjoyed discovering the different internal structures of an eye ball from a pig. We cut away at it and photographed our findings. We discovered an interesting transition from when the eye ball looked like something solid and whole to after we cut into it and how it transformed into something fluid and delicate but also dark and cloudy. We believe the way we perceive our surroundings and the state of seeing is important in how we interpret what wellington will be like in 2040.


Lessa, Lou, Craig, Nic & Jisook

Windy Wellington

As anyone in wellington would know it can be a rather windy place. and this fact hasn’t been ignored by the energy companies who have set up wind-farms on a number of sites around wellington as seen below.


But upon closer inspection wellington has a buffet of potential energy sources with tidal generation and long sunny hours right on our doorstep.


Today I cut an eye out of a pig as part of our investigation into the way we view and interpenetrate the world. Nick and Lou took some really amazing photos, a selection of which will be posted soon.


Bioelectricity is the electrical energy produced by living things like plants and animals. It is created to store energy for the cells and to trigger changes within them or do work. The other main reason for this energy is to signal other cells. The electricity it self is generated via magnetic fields which the cells create via electromagnetism.

In a future wellington where  there are abundant green spaces and this process could be harnessed to how supplement the cities extensive power mesh.

This will the the focus of our next experiment.