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Fresh Water Project!

After research Wellington and talking to someone who studied Biology, I came out with new idea, it might improve our philosophy. Many Wellingtonies think Cambridge Terrace and Basin Reserve need to change in the future. So here is Fresh Watet project! I was thinking that if we can change whole cambridge street to “water road” and re-design basin reserve to “Innercity Beach”. I heard that there are water come through from the top of wellington city to Harbor which we can make some street(specially Cambridge Terrace) into water road easily. Then if we can grow “Mangroves” by harbor area to cleans water before it into the sea. Mangroves trap and bind sediments, thereby reducing coastal turbidity, and help clean the water. More recently, changes in mangroves have been proposed as a means to monitor change in coastal environments as indicators of global warming, climate change, storm effects, sea level change, pollution and sedimentation rates.



I’ve been filming for two days in specific area which is Pyramid shape structure by the civic square. Both video shot different angle and different time. I’m going to make some animation in After Effect to experiment to understand what our philosophy is.


3d modeling experience

Today, I tried create 3D building models in Maya. I hope we can finalized our future archiecture sooner so I can try to make in 3D model! Experienced of Maya pictures uploading soon.

self healing system

After I read  Szilard’s previous post comment,-“our bodies ability to “heal” its self, can we capture the beauty of natural rejuvenation, can technology adopt this one day? self healing architecture perhaps…” – I was thinking about what if we can create colour change architecture? Like human skin, when we do sun tan in summer time, our skin colour changes to orange or browner or darker depend on human race. But winter time without much of sun, we became paler. I was thinking we can make multi different colours(like human race) of  textures which changes colour depend on sun temperature or length. It can be a bridge,  a display structure or even a building! Similar idea I mentioned on previous post, a rainbow bridge, we can use leds and light sensor to make these happen.

Also I found an article about “Self healing technology though sun”

– Predictive Self-Healing

Sun has developed a new architecture for building and deploying systems and services designed forPredictive Self-Healing. Self-healing technology enables Sun systems and services to maximize availability         in the face of software and hardware faults and facilitates a simpler and more effective end-to-end experience for system administrators, which can reduce cost of ownership. The first self-healing features are         available as part of the Solaris 10 OS.

more article go to this link-

Presentation Images

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video editing for Lou’s photos

Lou had idea of  people able to experience of Wellington city via Virtual Box.  Lou took about 300 still shots in Waterfront and I managed to edit in After Effect and export as movie file. We are currently still processing this experiment.

Experiment future city

I was imagining to have interactive screen on Civic square area specially on pyramid shape structure. This interactive screen call “Info Wall” which has all the information of Wellington such as weather, map, what;s on, entertainment, attractions and etc.

Interactive bridge call “Rainbow bridge”- This bridge changes colour when it’s rain. Attached LEDs inside of bridge and it only turn on the power when temperature or humidity sensor activate after sudden raining temperature or a high humidity level reached.

-Jisook Moon

experiment the eye

We enjoyed discovering the different internal structures of an eye ball from a pig. We cut away at it and photographed our findings. We discovered an interesting transition from when the eye ball looked like something solid and whole to after we cut into it and how it transformed into something fluid and delicate but also dark and cloudy. We believe the way we perceive our surroundings and the state of seeing is important in how we interpret what wellington will be like in 2040.


Lessa, Lou, Craig, Nic & Jisook

creating logo title animation

Using After Effect, I was able to create Las Vegas style logo sign animation which visually appealing to everyone.

-Jisook Moon

IRIS-The flower

Iris is a genus of 260 species of flowering plants with showy flowers. It takes its name from the Greek word for a rainbow, referring to the wide variety of flower colors found among the many species. Plant an iris bulb in the autumn time so that the plant will grow for the spring time – usually around the middle of spring in the southern hemisphere. A single iris bulb will only produce one to two flowering buds per season.


-Jisook Moon